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Carbonless Copy Paper

Carbonless Copy Paper  (NCR PAPER/SELF COPY PAPER)

Brand: Carvelux
Image: Blue or Black image
Substance: CB:48,50, 52,55, 60, 70, 120gsm
CFB:47,50, 52,55, 60, 70gsm
CFB:47,50, 52,55, 60, 70, 120gsm
Color: white, pink, blue, green and yellow
Size: 700*1000, 610*914, 690*890, 610*860, 770*1100; 720*920mm, 787*1092mm etc.
Reel Width: 220mm~800mm , paper length = 6,000m or 12,000m
Package: Sheets-Wrapped inside with thin plastic film against moisture, outside with printed carton box or PE coated kraft paper
Reels- Wrapped inside with thin plastic film against moisture, and outside with corrugated paperboard or colored thick PE
Minimum Order: 1* 20FCL around14.5mts
Usage: CARVELUX brand quality is available both for sheets and rolls. Most clients use this quality for printing computer continuous form, business form and so on.
1) Even coating and strength on the surface with excellent smoothness
2) Instant and clear copy image
3) Good printing effect with excellent ink absorption
4) Good Dimensional stability and curl control for converting

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