Product Name: Color Printing Board

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Color Printing Board
Colors: White, goose yellow, yellow, orange yellow, deep red, light blue, pink, fuchsia, light green, deep green, silver gray, coffee, black, light red, and red 
Susbtance Range: 180GSM, 200GSM, 220GSM, 250GSM and 270GSM 
Size: Sheets: 70X50mm, A4, A3 and so on 
Rolls: 242mm, 484mm, 710mm and so on 
Package: Sheets: 50-500 sheets per ream, wrapped inside with plastc bag and outside with carton boxes, or outside with PE coated kraft paper 
Rolls: Wrapped inside with PE and outside with courragated board, on pallets.
Minimum Order: 1* 20FCL around 15~17mts
Advantage: Good stiffness and bright colors